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About Me

Guided Meditation Surrey   My Spiritual journey began many moons ago in 1994 whilst on a two-year expatriate spell in Bangkok. I often visited the beautiful Thai Buddhist temples and went on a Meditation retreat run by Buddhist Monks which was in the form of Vipassana Meditation - insight meditation focusing on the breath and repeating mantras (sacred sounds) on the rise and fall of the abdomen.

Whilst living in Devon I trained as a Reiki Practitioner which introduced me to the esoteric body system. I also joined a meditation group which helped me with expanding the technique of visualisation and opened up my spiritual awareness.
In 2002, I moved to Surrey with my family and set up my own meditation and healing groups and in 2004 I started my training with the British Wheel of Yoga as a Yoga Teacher.

I believe that once you are working with energies in ways such as Reiki, this ‘opens up’ the spiritual channels. Whilst doing a spiritual reading with my Teacher, I started to ‘channel’ which means that Spirits work through me to channel philosophy. This is to spread ‘the word’ to as many people as possible in order for a better balance to come back to them.

I realised that my path is to do deep soul work and seek liberation so I have also spent time doing self-study and healing. I have spent some years looking at the self, discovering who I am, my purpose for being here and healing the soul. I have found Shamanic Healing really effective - Journeying and Soul Retrieval and have completed a Shamanic Practitioner’s Course with Eagle’s Wing, College of Shamanic Medicine over a course of four years. I explored Gestalt practice over two years. This means working with the whole person - in mind, body, emotions and spirit.

I have been working with Clients since 1995 when I trained as an Aromatherapist and Thai Massage Therapist.  My work took me more on a spiritual path when Clients reported miraculous healing experiences after their treatments.  This is when I trained in a more spiritual way with Reiki which helped to be more in tune with the Client.


I thought for a while that I wanted to be a Medium which is why I took the two year training with the Spiritualist Church.  I gained a great technique and uncovered my gift of leading and channelling Meditation both in groups and one-to-one.  I realized that being a Medium was not my vocation.  I now hold regular Meditation groups and have really good feedback on the benefits. 


Having attended Yoga classes for many years I decided to do the Teacher Training Course and found my love of spiritual philosophy and have had three books published on this subject.  Philosophy = love of Wisdom.  I found the Hindu system fascinating and it really resonated with me along with Buddhism.  I really like the gentle and peaceful energy of Buddhism and have trained with Monks on Mindfulness and Insight Meditation.  I taught Yoga to many different groups and this filled a very enjoyable few years but again it didn’t feel as if it was solely my vocation.


Then I discovered Shamanism and due to my love of nature, animals and helping folk to find their place of healing this is my true vocation.  My Shamanic healing is softened with the beautiful energies of Buddhism and Yoga but is deeply effective in helping folk to remove blocked energy due to traumas, difficult past, illness, depression, feeling fragmented, lethargy, lack of direction, unbalanced and so on. 


I teach Yoga & Spiritual Development twice a week to groups of teenagers and feel I can really connect and resonate to this age group.  I work with teenagers in a deep healing way on a one-to-one level also. 


A course of healing sessions are recommended but focusing on one issue usually takes from around four sessions to maybe ten to twelve sessions, depending on the need of the individual, how deep the issue is ingrained, their environment, the past, finding the source of the issue and whether the Client is really ready to release and open the wound. Often working with one issue can release work in other areas from the sub conscious in order for the Client to be in good health – state of balance in mind, body and emotions. I find some folk can find their balance and health within a few months and others maybe one year or two years – we are all different. 


You do not have to wait until you are ill before you have healing – prevention is better than cure!  To stay in balance and to following the path of awakening it is worth bearing in mind receiving regular relaxing energy healing which is done fully clothed on the healing couch and energy channelled for your highest good. This helps to balance your energies and keep the Chakras (energy centres) flowing freely. 


I am a very nurturing person and my purpose is to work with people at this healing level and teach spiritual awareness – awakening, so that folk can live a happy and balanced life, feel alive, connect to nature and the changes of seasons.  I am a Mother of a teenager Son plus step-mother to three young adults who have been part of my life since 1996.  These courses above have been for me, finding my Wisdom through experience and living life in an awakened state.  I have been blessed with the most brilliant Teachers and finding it very fulfilling and rewarding to pass these teachings on.  






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My Sanskrit name given to me by my great Yoga tutor - Swami Satchidananda Mataji, is “Mokshapriya” which means “She for who liberation is dear”. In numerology, I am a number 5 which means I am here to do soul work and work as a Master Healer and Spiritual Teacher, to pass on the higher truth.


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