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YOGA TUITION - Ujjayi Breathe

The literal translation of ‘Ujjayi breath’ is ‘Victorious breath’. To work with this breathing technique means you are connecting with your spiritual body, your pranic system, prana being energy. This makes your practice more powerful and effective on a healing level. This technique involves breathing in and out through your nose, but also using the back of the throat.

Breathe in and out through your nose. First focus on the exhale. Open your mouth and when you breathe out whisper a ‘haa’ sound, this resembles a soft snoring noise almost. Then close your mouth and make the same sound. Now really soften the technique.

If you think you have mastered the exhale, now try this technique also with the inhale. So basically inhale through the nose, using the back of the throat and exhale through the nose using the back of the throat.

Now soften the technique. No sound should be heard externally. Ujjayi breath is subtle but powerful.

Ujjayi breath can be used whilst taking your posture practice in Yoga or for Meditation, Cleansing and Relaxation.

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